12 September 2007

Australian Idol Top 12 - Contestant's Choice

The finals officially opened on Australian Idol last Sunday and for that week, the theme was Contestant's Choice --- to show the audience who they are as artists.

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Ben McKenzie — "Sunday Morning" (Maroon 5)

Love the song. Ben's performance was....breezy. Great for easy-listening. But it was too breezy and laid-back for this competition, the other contestants made a better impact than him.


Mark Da Costa — "Vertigo" (U2)

Rock god Mark did not set my pants on fire tonight, which is what I was hoping for (mwehehe!). The judges were right in their assessment that he played it too safe, even as he sang okay. Rock is the theme for next week and everyone is expecting something great from him. No pressure, Mark.


Lana Krost — "Shiver" (Natalie Imbruglia)

What are the odds of someone named Lana, looking like Lana (Smallville)? She looks really prim and proper, that whatever song she's singing brings this "Belle from Beauty and the Beast" vibe to it. Very lovely girl with an okay voice but not great enough for the competition. She will have to go very soon.


Daniel Mifsud — "Cry Me A River" (Justin Timberlake)

Oh, boy. This was abysmal. I had to fast forward to the next contestant and didn't even listen to what the judges have to say.


Carl Riseley — "Waltzing Matilda" (Banjo Paterson)

I also had to fast forward to the judges' comments. They all loved it. Maybe coz I'm not Australian enough at all, I could not relate to the significance of the song nor the performance.


Holly Weinert — "Standing In The Way Of Control" (Gossip) - ELIMINATED

Holly's mistake was choosing a song that the crowd cannot get on board with. One of the judges calls it a "Patti Austin on crack" performance. It did not help that she came out looking like Sandra Dee (Grease) after Sandra Dee's transformation. She pretty much remains a country girl inspite insisting she's a rock singer.


Matt Corby — "The Scientist" (Coldplay)

It lacked the grit in Coldplay's Chris Martin's voice, but I choose this as the best in the lot this week. My only contention? Someone has to call on this young man's choice of pants. As the Australians would say --- his style is daggy. Here, we call it "baduy".


Natalie Gauci — "On My Mind" (Powderfinger)

The voice is solid. The perfomance? Good. The face? Gorgeous. The look? Smashing. Natalie seems to have it all, except star quality. I still can't see it.


Jacob Butler — "When You Were Young" (The Killers)

Here is one artist who tries very hard. Maybe with good reason. He almost won another singing competition recently (The X Factor Australia). So that means he really has something to offer.


Tarisai Vuche — "If I Was Your Woman" (Alicia Keys)

I have a feeling Tarisai's fate in this contest will be similar to Lakisha (American Idol). I don't see her winning (but I could be mistaken, like always!). This particular performance was off, by the way. She sang with power, but she didn't hit the notes right.


Marty Simpson — "Can't Stand Losing You" (Police)

I have forgotten this performance almost instantly. But I cannot forget his face nor his hair. I want so badly to comb it on screen!!!


Brianna Carpenter — "God Only Knows" (Beach Boys)

Some people are so over Brianna's quirkiness. I am still finding it delightful so far and I have especially loved the arrangement to this song.

Media Credit: Idol Fanatic