29 September 2007

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 1 - A Change Is Gonna Come

By the end of the season premiere's episode, Meredith said: The more things change, the more they remain the same.

That's exactly how the episode played out. Even with Addie or Burke gone, things still felt the same. And here I was expecting a show that reflected it's earlier season. You could say I was a wee bit disappointed. The deer scenes with Izzie killed my excitement. Or I really had been reading too many spoilers. :P

The highlights? Pretend you are George and I'll let Christina fill you in:

Christina to George: Severed arm...plus Meredith's half-sister is my intern, Izzie is playing Doctor Doolittle...Oh, and Alex hates your wife.

Derek tells Christina Burke left the hospital two weeks ago. Christina tells him she's fine, that Mer and her are "fine people". But she takes her emotions out on her patient, a dying man who has a wife and kids.

Christina to an unconscious man, she sees as Burke: You cannot leave the people you love and need you....Or just remember that you love them.

I felt for her. A little bit.

Because she has been overlooked for Chief Resident, The Nazi isn't speaking to her boss. She's being a bitch, which I love. She's also not in good terms with the new Chief Resident, Callie, who can't seem to command the respect of her subordinates.

Alex: I'm over Callie's head to Bailey
Christina: Uh, Callie is over Bailey's head (coz she is shorter)
Meredith: Spiritually, Bailey's over everyone's head

Chief tells Bailey, she needs to be in the OR doing surgeries because that's what she does best, rather than bouncing papers and ordering the interns around, which is what Callie's job is.

Meredith and Derek? They broke up. They talked to each other and said they were broken up. Then five seconds after that....they had the break-up kiss and the break-up sex. Have they really broken up?

Also, George finally confesses to Izzie he loves her.

What else has changed then?

And finally, Lexie Grey? She's "some kind of awesome", George tells her. She's the opposite of her dark and twisty half-sister, you can't help but like her character.

For a more detailed recap, this site is one of my favorite reads for that.