29 September 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E1 - How Betty Gets Her Grieve Back

It was a swirl of plots and sub-plots...but this I expected of a series with these many very interesting characters. And the one thing that really tugged and stayed with me after the episode was done was this:

In spite knowing where Santos (the actor) is heading (watch his other TV series, Shark), it still had me bawling. So, this seals it. Hilda is my favorite Betty character. And I've just become an Ana Ortiz fan.

In other stories...
  • Like her sister, Betty lets go of Henry, who she haven't heard from in the last three weeks. Turns out Henry sent her flowers eons ago, but Amanda never gave those to her.
  • Amanda and her expanding booty confirms she is Faye's daughter from her weird parents. She is now obsessing about getting Bradford Mead's DNA because he is most likely her father. Which means that she may have had sex with her actual half-brother, Daniel. Lots of times.
  • Wilhelmina and Claire gets into a confrontation. Claire punches her eyes and Wilhelmina will have to get protection. (Enter ex-hubby? Rick Fox in the next episode).
  • Mark cross-dresses as Wilhelmina. S/He's cute.
  • Justine knows his/her Coco Channel philosophy.
  • Ignacio is still in Mexico.
  • Daniel is distraught over the accident.
  • Alexis forgets he's a she.
  • Henry is back in NY.

I did mention it was a swirl of plots and sub-plots!