20 September 2007

Big Brother Season 8 Finale

So, I stuck it out and saw Big Brother 8's season completely. Last year, with barely two weeks to finish, I gave up on it and instead read recaps.

Anyhow, by end of last week, everyone watching the show already know the finale was not gonna be a shocking event. In a very interesting development, estranged father and daughter --- Danielle and Dick --- emerged as the last two standing...with Dick ending up winning the grand prize.

But what I was really interested about was the big reveal of America's Player and how did his fellow house guests react when they discovered who he has been playing for all along. Here's the video:

For becoming America's Player and successfully completing most of the task assigned to him by America, Eric has won about $40,000. But the best thing is? We're probably gonna see the first Big Brother romance to ever really turn into something real outside the house. Eric has fallen in love with Jessica. And I hope I am not mistaken, but I really saw something there.

Well done!