26 September 2007

Heroes Season 2 Episode 1 - Four Months Later

Let's get something out of the way first...

Yes, Peter is alive. And shirtless. Sluuuurp! LOL!

And that's the only thing I can show you...I gave too much away already. :)

Four months later, the Heroes carry on with their lives.

  • Nathan is also alive but not looking very happy. He also needs to get reoriented with a product called Gillette.
  • The Bennetts are now relocated to California and living a new life under a new name. Horned Rimmed Glasses is still working at a "paper company". And Claire is befriended by a cutie in her new high school. The cutie just happens to know how to fly.
  • Hiro's father, together with Ando, who is looking quite dapper in a suit, (Was he ever this cute before?) waits for Hiro to reappear at the place where we last saw all of them.
  • Hiro, as we all know from last season's finale, is transported in the 1600's and meets Kensai, who is not what Hiro was expecting.
  • Parkman is divorced. He and Mohinder live together and has Molly with them. They will eventually have a spin-off called My Two Dads. Haha! (My Two Dad reference). Molly is haunted in her dreams. They stole a line from LOTR: I seeee yoooooouuuuu.
  • Dunno where Micah and his parents are. Dunno where Sylar is. (Previews show them appear in the following episode).
  • But Maya, the first hero introduced this season (among a handful), goes on a killing spree.
I remember reading somewhere that Season 2 will explore their roots and origins, so that means the parents (such as Hiro's dad and Mama Petrelli) will come into play. We see a little bit of that on the first episode.

I'm so apprehensive of that sophomoric slump. But the start shows promise that I could not help applauding in the end.