16 September 2007

Preview: Private Practice Season 1 Episode 1

I just watched the first episode of Private Practice in its entirety and my initial reaction still remains ---- I'm not happy. But let ye judge not the first episode....the show is experiencing birth pains, I recognize that. The bright spot is, I hear the second episode is so much better.

Still, if I had been happy, I can probably write a much better entry for this. And since I'm not (happy), I'll just present some screen caps using old spoiler entries from Spoilerfix. Note that spoilers aren't always accurate, but Spoilerfix got nearly everything right.

In Which We Meet Addison, A Nice Girl From Somewhere Else

The cops are called to a supermarket when a woman, Jenny Banks, sits on the floor and keeps repeating the same sentence over and over again. One of her neighbor is also called in. The manager wants the crazy woman out now but the neighbor wants to take his time to calm her down.

A woman named Leslie is at the hospital watching doctors try to resuscitate her soon-to-be fiancé. A woman named Maria goes to a courthouse so that another woman her now dead husband wanted to marry doesn't get his money.

A father gets mad when he doesn't know the doctor who is about to remove his 17-year-old daughter's appendix. The father is also angry at his daughter for having eloped without telling him. Note: This is the only spoiler that wasn't clear and accurate. The father in this story did get mad. His daughter told him too late that she was pregnant.

As seen in the sneak peeks, the group initially question Addie's arrival at Oceanside. I don't remember them not liking the idea of Addie working with them in the pre-pilot (from Grey's Anatomy last season), but this time they were pretty adamant of their dislike...or I just did not get that. :P

Anyway, Addie gives a speech at the end of episode 1, addressing her new colleagues:

ADDISON: I have been working here less than 24-hours, and in that time I discovered that I am not welcomed here...I learned that I am a one-man gyn-ie show...and I performed crazy MacGyver surgery. Plus, Sam saw my booty! So, this has not been a great day for me. The day kinda sucked. But you know what? I had one patient, one patient the entire day. And I loved it. So you want me gone? Too bad, I'm in! See, I'm putting my foot down. Foot down. I'm not going anywhere. So.....yeah. I thought I had a big finish but...maybe I don't. So...I'm done.

What I liked?
- the replacement actress for Naomi
- KaDee Strickland's character, the blonde doctor, which was an addition to the show.

What I did not like?
- Writing.

What will make me continue watching?
- Addison (Kate Walsh)
- Cooper (Paul Adelstein)
- Charlotte (KaDee Strickland)

Private Practice premieres on ABC, Sept 26 at 9 PM.

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