17 September 2007

Love your own...

I rarely, rarely tune to any of the telenovelas and fantaseryes in the local channels since those aren't really my cup of tea. From what little I saw of it, I think that they show promise but plenty are honestly influenced by other materials, it's hard for me to not to compare it from other productions.

Although this week, from Sept 17-24 on ABS-CBN Primetime, they're doing a preview of Lastikman (The Making, Behind The Scenes and whatnots). And I am obliged to tune to Channel 2, even as this early, I'm already sensing Lastikman is sort of "inspired" from Star Wars. I am gonna be glued to the channel sometime during Kokey (a show my son watches everyday). Bakit kamo? The Lastikman feature, which will run all week this week, for 15 minutes at least, will have the hubby on it. The teasers they ran the other night on TV showed behind the scenes from the photo shoot and that's what he and a few other photographers did for this show. The billboard of Lastikman that you will hopefully be in the streets soon (Edsa or Marcos Highway, I think?) are from his work. It will be another feather on his cap, borne out of this enthusiasm for his hobby (photography).

Not the actual photo release. Just stole this from the hubby's file, sssh! :D

Behind the scenes with one of the directors and two of the cast members.

Production people setting-up, retouching Vhong Navarro's make-up, for the photo shoot.

The two stars Archie Alemania and Vhong Navarro in a playful moment.

The photographers with Archie, who hubby attest is so much fun to be with.

Lastikman airs on ABS-CBN Channel 2 beginning next week. And I'm told this will be the very first TV show in the Philippines that will air on HD or High Definition.