01 September 2007

Brothers and Sisters Season 2 Promo

Ahhhhk! Here's the TV show that always, always, always makes me cry! I only had to watch these teasers and I'm all weepy again.

The second promo, below. I think there are some spoilers here, so..... *spoiler alert!*:

And they used the perfect song for the teasers!

Pictures of You
by The Last Goodnight

...this is the war that's never won
this is the soldier and his gun
this is the mother waiting by the phone praying for her son...

I'm bummed I failed to include Brothers & Sisters in my very first poll. How could I have forgotten?

Haaaaaaack. I just clicked on the videos again and I'm crying all over. I've got to go hug my son now or call family or something.