24 September 2007

Burn Notice Season Finale, Part 1

My summer TV viewing has officially ended with the finale of Burn Notice. Although, its season run isn't really over. 13 more episodes to this show will be aired next Summer, to complete one full season. (So what do you call a "finale" in the middle of its season run??).

Those who wish to follow this show locally, you can catch it on cable very soon, as Solar Entertainment has listed Burn Notice as one of their new shows next year. Crime/Suspense will probably carry this.

Anyway, I apologize beforehand since I've gotten lazy of writing about a decent recap for Burn Notice's finale. :( But you can read a full episode recap here. It's pretty detailed. ;)

What I really want to talk about is this --- After 12 episodes, I now see who Jeffrey Donovan reminds me of and why he so appeals to me --- Michael Rosenbaum!

Don't agree? Listen to the sound of their voices, the drawl and enunciation:

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen in Burn Notice:

Michael Rosenbaum in an interview for Smallville:

Plus, they both have similar lips.

Sluuuuuurrrp. :D

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