18 September 2007

Australian Idol Top 11- Rock Night

Australian Idol just made history --- it had its WORST. WEEK. EVER!!!

This week, the rock gods cried (visions of tough looking leather - clad - men - with - the - five o'clock - shadow crying is not nice to imagine!). In four years since I've followed this series, this was the only time I had to skip four or five performances and grew restless watching the rest. It was just absolutely awful.

The best part of the show was hearing the judges' comments. Watch how they give their critiques, you'll find that Simon Cowell is a nicer guy than they are. The host said at one point, it was a bloodbath. One of the judges even told the contestant to resign from the show. And I can't be pissed at them for being "rude" towards the Idols. Most of the time, these judges do know what they are talking about:

And while Mark Da Costa, who I've been rooting for since the Semi-Finals, did show he's got what it takes to be an Idol Rocker, my favorite performance of the night was Carl's Bossa Nova-ish take on Coldplay's Clocks. The judges didn't like it and I admit it's not a popular choice but it was what I enjoyed best from Rock Week.

Matt Corby — "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin)

Carl Riseley — "Clocks" (Coldplay)

Brianna Carpenter — "The Logical Song" (Supertramp) - ELIMINATED

Marty Simpson — "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" (Paolo Nutini)

Lana Krost — "Come On, Come On" (Little Birdy)

Jacob Butler — "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" (Oasis)

Tarisai Vushe — "Hard To Handle" (The Black Crowes)

Ben McKenzie — "Bodies" (Little Birdy)

Daniel Mifsud — "Fire" (Jimi Hendrix)

Natalie Gauci — "Sweet Child O' Mine" (Guns N' Roses)

Mark Da Costa — "High Voltage" (AC/DC)

Glad this theme is over and done with. Whew...

Media Source: Idol Fanatic