27 September 2007

House Season 4 Episode 1 - Alone

Ayayayayay... what just happened? My reaction to House's first episode is surprisingly lukewarm. Was it me or was it House? I am receptive of the changes I've seen. But am not delighted about it. Fortunately, this is just a temporary set up.

In the season opener, House solves a medical case by himself (hence, the episode title --- Alone). Well, alright, not completely by himself. He had help from Dr. Buffer..mwehehe. And I won't say who he really is, it will spoil the surprise. But I've got screen capture:

Anyway....for the most part, House and Wilson, to a great extent, did make the show still worth it.

House: What is El Fuego de l'Amore and why do you need ten of them?
Wilson: It's a...it's a telenovela. I'm learning Spanish.
House: Say "Adios". [deletes TiVo record]
Wilson: Are you erasing my TiVo? House, not the season finale!
House: I don't negotiate with terrorist.
The "terrorist" did this:

Because House was too stubborn to take interviewees in to replace the three ducklings who left last season.

Meantime, they did have a medical case to solve. It's similar to this one. And yes, House successfully figured it all out. And yes, all by himself.... no thanks to Dr. Buffer.

But wouldn't you know it, I may actually miss not having CamForeChase around!