04 September 2007

Update: Solar Entertainment pulls out of Sky Cable

So, yes apparently it's happening. The buzz is getting stronger and stronger. Solar-Entertainment is moving out of Sky Cable.

Sky Cable, on the other hand, is currently running the "BALLS" channel on Test Broadcast, with the USA Tennis Open, amidst really, really bad reception. And seriously, "BALLS"? Can't they think of any other name? It sounds so R-rated!

Sky Cable is also allegedly replacing all the channels that will be out of their line-up with five new ones. They could actually now bring in Fox Crime. And then I can watch Dexter for sure since the ones I have on my hard drive? I'm still finding the inspiration to continue watching. Maybe when I feel like killing somebody? Or if a friend lends their newly-purchased DVDs? *hint, hint*

Anyway, 5 new channels, huh? That doesn't sound too bleak for someone who's social life and social growth is dependent on TV. (And yes, I'm referring to myself. Heh.) Unless of course they bring in 5 new sports channels, what am I gonna do with that?

I have yet to hear if they're getting a channel with Conan on. So long as they have that, then the world is all better again.

But what am I talking about, I'm on Sun-Sky Cable! Our channels are slightly different! *please, please don't take away ETC!*


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