15 September 2007

Season Finale: Greek Season 1

So, the sorority house came crashing down. And it did not fall brick by brick. It fell all at once that I'm having a slow time processing everything that went on in Greek's season finale.

The major conflict came out of nowhere. And the subplots? Let me try and summarize just what went on:


A newspaper article comes out in the papers exposing the lifestyles of the Greeks and their houses. In the center are the sorority sisters from Zeta Beta Zeta, of which these two belong. At the height of the controversy, Frannie is impeached as president and Casey is made interim president. Therefore, BFF no longer, Frannie threatens Casey with an "I created you. I can destroy you." speech. Bitch. Heh.

And that's cliffhanger #1.

Meanwhile.... who snitched the expose? The girls first thought it was Rebecca, erstwhile contravida to Casey, who, in the final episode, is given a few moments to reveal a "nicer" side to her character. Rebecca hooks up with Cappie (Casey's ex), suprisingly.

And that would have to be cliffhanger #2.

So who really snitched? It was in fact, Jen K, Rusty's girlfriend. Her subplot has shades of Drew Barrymore's "Never Been Kissed" written all over it. Jen K, who majors in Journalism, goes undercover to write a story on becoming a sorority pledge. It gets picked up by Associated Press and is printed in national dailies with her by-line. Of course, her sorority sisters hate her for this, her journalism peers are envious of her by-line and Rusty (Casey's brother), feeling betrayed by what she did, breaks up with her.

Yes, cliffhanger #3, that. Oh and yes, Jen K is played by the famous Youtube celebrity, LonelyGirl15.

Following on her threat, Frannie shakes up Casey's relationship with boyfriend Evan, who eventually dumps her.

That's cliffhanger #4.

And finally, Ashleigh outs Calvin and accidentally reveals to his frat brothers he is gay. -- cliffhanger #5.

See? Was not just too much for one final episode? And the worse part is not knowing what's gonna happen to Casey and Frannie, Casey and Evan, Rusty and Jen K, Rebecca and Cappie, Calvin and everyone else because Season 2 will be back in 2008!!!

For more on Greek, WikiP has a comprehensive guide that's very easy to follow and here's my initial reaction to the show.

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