26 September 2007

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 1 - Wait For It

How I Met Your Mother's first episode of Season 3 is so going into my blog! Oh, I had a great time. I had been laughing and laughing from start to finish.

When we last saw the group, Ted and Robin had just broken up and Ted was telling Barney how it happened. Barney was excited at the prospect of the both of them becoming each other's wingman again. Until Robin returns from South America with new boyfriend in tow:

Gael: [pronouncing his name to the group] Gael....
Ted: Sorry, Gayle?
Gael: Gael...
Barney: Kyle?
Gael: Gael!
Marshall: Girl?
Robin: It's pronounced --- Guy-El

What went on, in a nutshell....so it's not totally ruined for you.
  • Ted is pissed Robin is "winning the break up".
  • Barney is just so excited at the prospect of Ted and him getting laid again.
  • Lily loves Gael's South American charms.
  • Marshall feels its his obligation to dislike Gael for Ted's benefit but eventually, like Lilly, he also "falls in love" with him.

  • Ted, meantime, meets a baaaaad girl named Amy (Mandy Moore) and Barney doesn't really like her all that much.

  • Ted impulsively hooks up with her and does something he would regret the rest of his life.

As with many HIMYM episodes, there are flashbacks and time shifts. And even hints of "mother" under that yellow umbrella.

So very happy this show is back! And the first episode is really well worth the wait (for it).

"Let's say you could create the perfect sitcom. Start with the chummy New Yorkers of Friends, but have them hang out in the bar from Cheers. Try the experimental structure of The Office, but add the comfort of a laugh track. You'd want the pop culture references of Gilmore Girls, the random in-jokes of Arrested Development, the sweetness of The Wonder Years. Definitely the overstuffed pace of Seinfeld or The Simpsons. Hell, maybe even give it a mystery, for the Lost fans. Impossible, right? Not so fast. This show actually exists. It's called How I Met Your Mother. And it is, to borrow a phrase, awesome. "
- from EW.Com