20 September 2007

I got an Emmy!

I really did! ...an EMMYrose "You Make Me Smile" award!

What can I say but --- I'm deeply honored. :) I have yet to meet Emmy in real life, but so much of what she has posted on her blog is inspiring. Ems, you really are not blogging for nothing. And you do make a lot of people smile! So that award is well-deserved.

I don't know how I've made you smile, but I am grateful for this. *hug* <=O=> *hug*

Many of the bloggers I encounter on this site make me really happy. I like reading their comments or posts on the shoutbox I have set-up. But I'm particularly bestowing the same award to the following blog-mates:

Didi - Coz I know she's cute. Hehe! And she sounds cute, a real sweetheart.

Gita - visiting her blog not only makes me smile, it makes me hungry! I enjoy her entries because I feel like I have gone on the same adventure as her by just looking at her photos.

Maying - haaaay, for all the help and tips she gives to me, she really makes me smile.

Leeney and her brother, Eric - Coz they're both cool. Leeney, for her wacky personality and her brother, Eric, for the sentimental person he is, inspiring us to be better parents.

Lelila - she has impressed me so much... very, very capable.

Sheilang nagbabakasyon ngayon pero pabalik na ulit sa Dubai - she knows she always makes me smile. She never fails to make me laugh. Lakas ng topak, mare.

Pay it forward!