20 September 2007

Prison Break, K-Ville & Gossip Girl Season Premieres

Do I have more time to slow down? It's not even that ultimate premiere week and already, I'm having a hard time catching up with the shows that 1) have already aired their first episodes, 2) are into their summer season finales.

Let's see if I can draw up a mini-review of three shows that have started their run the other day, as I am still in need of sleep, very, very badly:

Season 3 Episode 1 - OrientaciĆ³n

Have the production been watching Oz - The Complete Seasons 1-6? Because the mood inside the prison sure felt like it... although it looks a little bit forced. Spoilers have indeed left me spoiled out of the excitement I'm supposed to feel over Prison Break. I'm still finding the reasons why I have appreciated this show in Season 1.

The first episode premiered to very low ratings, even lower than Season 2's.
The season premiere of "Prison Break" (households: 4.9/8, #7, half-hour: 6.00%; adults 18-49: 3.3, #2, half-hour: 8.82%). Compared with last year's opener (households: 5.8/10; adults 18-49: 3.8 on 8/21/06), "Break" was down 13.16% in adults 18-49. Source: Futon Critic
The problem could be attributed to the fact that the show never really evolved as many viewers already concluded. The main character, Michael, who used to be this compelling and magnetic fixture for the show, has remained the same all throughout three seasons. In fact, all of them did. And even while SONA seems a much more dangerous place than Fox River, it doesn't give off this same tension viewers felt in Season 1. The inmates and even the guards on Fox River look more threatening.

Verdict: Because I had read a rundown of what went on in the first episode, there was no reason to expect the unexpected. Note to self: Stop reading spoilers! If the mood still feels the same after the third episode, I am resigned to just tuning to this show on cable.

Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

Following Prison Break is K-Ville, which surprisingly did better in ratings than the first show. I was never initially interested on K-Ville but decided to check it out for Anthony Anderson, who is I feel is an underrated actor (he can do good guys, bad guys and comedy, how great is that?).

K-Ville follows the story of local New Orleans police officers two years after Katrina. It has your typical and familiar good cop-bad cop angle, interlaced with the story of a hopeless town trying to rebuild itself. The two male leads have potentially strong characterization. But sadly, of the two dozen or so new shows premiering this season, K-Ville will not be on the "most watchable show" list. There's little to be interested about....unless you're from New Orleans, perhaps.

Verdict: Stick with first gut: never initially interested.

Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

I watched the pilot episode for Kristen Bell who is doing the voice-over as Gossip Girl and I have no clue of the book version. So to me, this feels like JustJared having his/her own TV series.

Gossip Girl
has been called the East Coast's The OC, a show I have yet to come around watching...so I know how my viewing of this show will end up.

Blake Lively, who plays Serena, a girl who comes back to town after having gone away under mysterious circumstances, did pretty okay as lead character. And except for two actors, who unfortunately happen to be the parents (therefore supporting cast only), I do not recognize the rest of them. I'm pretty sure chick fan sites will have (if they haven't already!) their "Who do you love better Serena or Blair?" polls up. But this slightly old hag in me is wondering if we really need another show where teens or "young adults" live off their parents wealth, partying, screwing around, bitching about each other.

So what's the mystery behind Serena? The first episode teases with a flashback of what went on between Serena and a guy named Nate. And if having sex with your best friend's boyfriend is the reason why Serena had to leave, only to come back a year later, then that would be the lamest plot ever.

This was the last show I saw last night so my energy has been pretty drained.

Verdict: Watch some, miss some...doesn't matter.

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