20 November 2008

Upcoming Show Alert: CUPID. Watch its trailer!

Cupid is a revival of this 90's series that never lasted for more than one season. The old show and its revival were both created by Rob Thomas, whose most familiar credit in the world of TV is Veronica Mars. The former series starred Jeremy Piven, pre-Entourage and Paula Marshall (who is now on Gary Unmarried). The revival stars Bobby Carnavale (Will and Grace) and Sarah Paulson (Studio 60).

The basic premise? The lead character believes he is the Greek god from Mt. Olympus sent back to our world as a punishment. He can only return to Olympus if he successfully matches 100 couples. Cupid (named Trever Hale back on Earth) also sees a therapist in a singles-only group.

Here is the revival's trailer ----

And here is a scene from the original 90's version ---

The EW ranks Cupid (original) as one of the Top Ten Shows Before Their Time. The revival, it seems, is ripe for this decade.

As much as I like Jeremy Piven and as much as his performance in this series did not miss with critics before, I think that it's easier to warm up to the new actors this time around. The Piven/Marshall combo appeared so much more arrogant, lofty and less down to earth (pun not intended) as characters, from what little I remember. This new version, for some reason and based on the trailer alone, appears to have more genial, more relatable characters than the first.

Cupid is set to air next year on ABC.