02 November 2008

David Cook on SNL (November 1st)

With his first album about to be released in two weeks, David Cook scored his biggest gig to date --- two spots at the other night's Saturday Night Live show with no other than Sen. John McCain as guest. SNL has been doing very well with the ratings this season, thanks to politicians like him, Palin and Obama. What does this mean for David Cook? Well, large number of viewers got to see his very first post-Idol performance on TV and they are getting a taste of what his album will sound like. Nice promo push, huh?

Videos of David Cook from SNL below (or at least until it isn't taken off Youtube). I liked his second song better (Declaration). His first one (Light On) sounded too...Whitesnake, this pop-rock band from the 80's.

Watch both performances here.