15 November 2008

Chandler Bing's Nightmare Comes To TV!

"His legs flail about as if independent from his body!" So says Chandler Bing when asked "what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him". He is, of course, talking about Michael Flatley and Flatley is heading to Primetime TV.

NBC is planning on putting a new dancing show, a dance olympic of sorts, with him as the host.

"We've always wanted to be in the dance business, but the question was how to be unique and different," said Craig Plestis, NBC's executive vp alternative programming, development and specials. "Our show makes every other dance show seem like amateur hour. We got the best of the best. Americans will be blown away when they see what real professionals can do."

"It's the 'Olympic Games of dance' -- everybody gets it right away," Lythgoe said. "Dancing has taken off in this country, the Olympics took off in this country; here we're bringing them both together. It's not just celebrities and their partners trying to dance or young people attempting to be great dancers. These are the great dancers."

Each country's team will present two dance soloists, a duet and a group. Their performances will be graded by judges from each participating country.

The judges have a tricky job as each country will perform in a different style unique to their culture -- Shaolin monks from China vs. Bollywood dancers from India, for example. Troupes from Ireland, the U.S., Argentina, Russia and South Africa also are represented. - Via

The show is slated for early next year. And since it's from the same people who are producing So You Think You Can Dance, I'm thinking this is the one that inspired it: