11 November 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 8

Marlon What a week it was for Survivor Philippines.

When I expected the show to become predictable in its remaining weeks, here comes Marlon screwing it up for everyone....and I love it!

It all started with JC making the mistake of choosing three of his allies to share his reward with him. JC picked Kiko, Rob and Zita. They all left the camp to go on an immersion in this Thai village and was there for 24 hours. They left two more of their allies, Cris and Kaye, back at camp.

And as you know...a lot can happen in camp in 24 hours.

kikoIn their absence, Marlon swoops in and gives Cris and Kaye the lowdown. He gives them a different picture of "what would be" if the two decide not to stick it out with their All-6 agreement with the others. And what happened was, Cris and Kaye decided they will now play the game as it should've been.

With five of them remaining at camp and four out on immersion, they definitely have the numbers now. They hatched their devious plan. They would shake up the other group and crack its foundation. When the four returned from immersion, the deception started. They used Rob for source material and slowly plants it in Kiko and JC's head he cannot be trusted. Poor Kiko, the perceived leader of the tribe, had no idea what was coming.

At the tribal council, Kiko was voted off, five to four (against Marlon). Someone in his alliance jumped ship and at this point, because they were so clueless, they did not know who.

But there was a special twist, Kiko was given the black pearl which he can in turn give to someone who is still in the game. The black pearl puts one additional vote on that castaway.

Kiko gives it to a very surprised Rob...his ally! Back at camp, Rob is very pissed and goes off on Kiko, who will not sit at the jury.

The five's devious plan worked!

Trust me, it sounded and looked a lot more interesting on television than what you're reading now. :D

But I have to say that, as a player, I have so much respect for Marlon.

As a person, though I have high respects for Kiko. It was just too bad, he had the worst strategy ever. He played based on principles, which as you should know, doesn't hold any value in a game like Survivor. He also played with his heart. And that was biggest downfall. He left it all to feelings and gut-feel, with nary a Plan B or C.

Smart guy over-all. But sorry to say, he did not use his head on the game.