21 November 2008

Aus Idol Top 4 and 3 - Teale Jakubenko and Mark Spano

I missed posting Top 4 last week, so I'm lumping Teale with Mark (Top 3) who leaves the show this week.

First, we've got Teale who left two weeks ago...he has this Justin Timberlake vibe. Cute guy, too. Okay voice, he can sing, no doubt it. But I think he'd do tons better getting into TV acting or the movies down under. This was one of his last songs the other week, something I'm not familiar with being the old hag I am (who's stuck at listening to 80's and early 90's music!).

Next comes Mark. I was thinking he'd make it to Top 2. I missed by one. Top 3 isn't so bad anyway, especially for a guy who has stage presence like him? He's going to be a music idol over there. Women love his kind of image --- that dark, sexy, singing idol. His final performance, a song by Santana ----

Australian Idol ends next week with two guys singing for the title. My husband is rooting for Luke, this guy with the Springsteen-Joe Cocker voice, who also has a very engaging personality. I'm rooting for Wes, who is the total performer (he can sing, play music instruments, can do rock, can do pop, can do ballads....) It's gonna be a showdown, I hope!