13 November 2008

TV Ratings [11.11.08]

Eli Stone was the only loser from the list I watch on Tuesdays. Like Pushing Daisies, its quirky stories aren't clicking with the viewers. It's also likely to be canceled than renewed. Sad.

While I'm still loving Fringe (and Walter Bishop!), I have been waiting and waiting for more leads to the conspiracy. I need a reason to get hooked. I see why it is starting to drag for other viewers --- it's the repetitiveness. Even Peter and Astrid are exhausted, doing the same wires-attached-to-the-brain procedure again and again. Two more episodes of that and I'd have mastered the drill, too...and will begin experiments on my family mwahahahhaha.

Meanwhile, The Mentalist pounces. Three words: Big Freshman Hit!

8.00 Block
NCIS CBS 18.79 M/4.0 key demo
House Fox 12.88 M/5.5 key demo
Dancing With The Stars ABC 10.43 M/2.1 key demo
The Biggest Loser NBC 7.55 M/3.2 key demo
90210 The CW 2.73 M/1.4 key demo

9.00 Block
The Mentalist CBS 16.46 M/3.9 key demo
Dancing With The Stars ABC 16.39 M/3.6 key demo
Fringe Fox 8.88 M/4.0 key demo
The Biggest Loser NBC 8.53 M/3.7 key demo
Privileged The CW 1.87 M/0.9 key demo

10.00 Block
Without A Trace CBS 12.21 M/2.8 key demo
Law & Order: SVU NBC 9.42 M/3.7 key demo
Eli Stone ABC 7.44 M/2.0 key demo