28 November 2008

Aus Idol Top 2 and I - Luke Dickens and Wes Carr

I only saw bits of the Australian Idol's finale performances on Youtube and will get to watching it from start to finish this weekend. But the winner has been declared, and it wasn't a surprise. Wes Carr had it in him the minute he stepped on that stage, during phase two of the auditions in Sydney.

But before I present my favorite performances of Wes, take a look at their Top 2 Idol placer --- Luke Dickens.

Luke was a deserving contender. He has that raspy, bluesy voice that not a lot of singers have, which makes him a stand-out. All throughout the show, they kept on emphasizing where he came from (he's a sheep shearer) and how far he has achieved. I'm not quite sure if Luke is ready to embrace the pressure of being a music idol, should he have won it, though.

Here is his final performance:

Unlike Luke who is so new to all of these, Wes Carr is a born performer and is a singer by profession. Thus, this makes him quite seasoned and very ready for the business. As I've said, his winning comes as no surprise.

Here are my favorite performances of Wes:

  • Fernando, Abba Night - His arrangement of the music is so beautiful!)
  • Black or White, Michael Jackson Night - Wes went all-out. I don't think it's his kind of music now, but he admits to being a big, big fan of the King of Pop when he was a child.
  • Dancing In The Dark, Springsteen 80's Night - I also wanted to get up and move to his performance!
  • You, AusIdol Winner's Song - It's actually not sappy, for once!