16 November 2008

In Shondaland, Rest In Peace means - Sure, Dead Guy Comes Back To Sex Up Ex!

I have been quiet. I did not want to say anything about seeing Denny on Grey's Anatomy this week. Because I thought that was gonna go away. I did not enjoy that. I did not see the point.I thought it was a stupid plot. And I thought his ghostly cameo would only last for one episode. And today I learned he's going to be in at least a few more. And he's going to be Izzie's new boyfriend again.

Next week's preview showed she and him are going to get intimate. Dead guy comes back to get it on with the ex. How weird is that?Is Denny back for real? He actually didn't die? Are we still watching a medical series?

According to EW, this is all, actually a set-up. Because Katherine Heigl has been back and forth about leaving Grey's Anatomy for a movie career, the writers are paving the way for her exit when that time does happen.

Izzie may be having a brain tumor. Hence, she's been imaging Denny there.

"Izzie's got a love story, and it's a big one," she (Shonda) told TV Guide back in August, "one that I've been kicking around in my head for a bit, one that required me to take a huge leap of faith in myself, one that is so secret that I have not told anyone. Not the writers, not anyone."

Now that we all know, the big questions: How long will Denny continue to haunt Izzie? And where the heck is this story going? Although I haven't been able to nail down the exact length of Morgan's new lease on life, I'm told he'll be in at least five episodes. As far as where the story is headed, the most logical theory is that Rhimes is giving Izzie a brain tumor, which if inoperable would grant Katherine Heigl's (alleged) wish to go make movies full time.

I think Shonda was inspired by Eli Stone. :P

Gad, how I hate what this show's become. But I cannot stop watching...which means I can't stop whining about Grey's Anatomy.

Are you starting to grow hateful of it too?