09 November 2008

TV Round Up, Part 2: Greys and Practice Crossoever, Aniston Does a Monroe, Lost Returns and more!

I am pretty beat. I've a few show backlogs I have to get to this weekend (or what remains of it). So, why don't I keep this short and I'll just give you all the good stuff, eh?

Jennifer Aniston previews on 30 Rock over here. She did a Marilyn Monroe of sorts and sang Happy Birthday To You. The episode airs this coming Thurs.

Crossover for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Addie is going to visit Seattle Grace, McSteamy to Oceanside??

Speaking of, I saw this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Man, does it suck to be Denny! To have to come back to the show again and just stand there with different expressions on your face? Waste of talent! Also? Creepy! I wonder how much they paid him for it. He had one line though. Why oh, why can't I quit this show! Oh yeah...Owen Hunt.

And Private Practice...Sam and Naomi? How did they ever get to med school, own what's supposed to be a successful business (until this season) and be that stupid about everything else?

Life is given a full season order. Did I ever say how modestly brilliant this show is?

Lost returns January 21, for a two hour fifth season premiere. I love that it is coming back. I am eager for it. But what does this mean for this other show I love, Pushing Daisies? which also airs Wednesday? Is it going to be its lead-in? Will they change Daisies' slot?

Casting news: