24 November 2008

Eek! Did you catch that goof on 24: Redemption?

Before I show what that goof was, can I just say ---- 24, oh how I've missed you! The last it aired was in Jan-May of 2007, yeah? I did not even finish the series then. I quit sometime March of that season because President Wayne Palmer was not even half as good as his brother. I've been without 24 for 20 months! So imagine my eagerness for tonight's two-hour prequel.

And how was it?

Missing on: CTU. There was none of that familiar ringing. No Jack asking for schematics. No inappropriate office romances. No Chloe. Not just yet. Jack is in Africa and he is exiled by choice. He refuses to go back to the US where the government has been trying to subpoena him to answer allegations of torture.

Awesome: Jack kills the bad guys with his knees! And his kill count is off the charts!

Funny: Benton saying "dammit!" twice. Drunkards playing the 24 Drinking Game are probably wondering if that counted or not... and will still cheer and drink to it. If you're wondering who Benton is, there's no need to jog your memory. He's a new character and he's not staying long.

Freaky: Mrs. Lady President looks like my former boss from 12 years ago.

Hoping: This guy played Mrs. Lady President's son instead. Because he would've been hawwt-er! But he is doing True Blood, so my fantasizing about him on this show? Not gonna happen.

It was a reboot much needed, particularly from someone who hasn't seen Jack Bauer in a while. But like many of 24's plots, I can tell something was gonna go wrong a minute away (Willie, the African boy....he's is the new Kim! That kid! Argh!) And yet those little bumps, those inconsistencies, these things don't seem to matter (well, for now...check back with me again when when it's seven episodes down the line and I've started whining and complaining! Heh). But definitely, the minute Jack stepped up and become that hero again? I was right there, cheering like a monkey on the screen.

And now for the goof ----

This screen capture was of a scene with Jack and the African school kids running away from the rebel military. What do you see to the left, behind the trees? Yep, that's the camera crew caught in the frame!! Gotcha!