12 November 2008

Chuck: Adam Baldwin's Hair

Am I all about the hair this week? The other day, I didn't let the George couple's hair pass. That one had been bothering me for weeks. Tonight, I set my sights on Adam Baldwin's hair on Chuck.

Adam Baldwin plays Agent John Casey and he's undercover here a lot...which explains the hair. I know it's a wig and bad wigs make people look funny. I wasn't prepared to see this though.... Coz normally his character don't usually go full blast on disguises. But to see him tonight when I saw the episode? High-la-rious!

It's not pretty bad looking, I give it that. It's just unexpected from the character (or the actor... or both).

How did they ever convince this guy to go from this....

to this....


Plus, plus, plus ...he also gets a big wet, slightly-opened-mouth kiss from Chuck! Hah!

Adam Baldwin's so game!