12 November 2008

TV Ratings [10.10.08]

Kudos to Big Bang Theory for hitting an all time high. The show just earned 10 Million viewers...it's really been getting better and better. I think the other night was the most laughs I ever got watching BBT. Bad news for Heroes as it continues to slip, slip and slip even further.

And this is the week I've decided I'm giving up on Worst Week. As much as I sympathize with the Sam character --- and really, the actor playing him is doing it well, I mean, it's hard to get annoyed at him or anything ---I am getting annoyed at Sam never getting any breaks at all. His streak of bad luck is coming to him in waves. No one is that unlucky! So, I've had enough.

8.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 18.29 M/4.1 key demo
The Big Bang Theory CBS 10.01 M/3.9 key demo
How I Met Your Mother CBS 9.71 M/4.1 key demo
Chuck NBC 6.23 M/2.3 key demo
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox 5.19 M/2.0 key demo
Gossip Girl The CW 3.01 M/1.5 key demo

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 19.30 M/4.4 key demo
Two And A Half Men CBS 14.58 M/4.9 key demo
Samantha Who?ABC 11.03 M/3.0 key demo
Worst Week CBS 9.62 M/2.9 key demo
Heroes NBC 7.82 M/3.6 key demo
Prison Break Fox 5.41 M/2.2 key demo
One Tree Hill The CW 3.01 M/1.6 key demo

10.00 Block
CSI: Miami CBS 13.67 M/3.7 key demo
Boston Legal ABC 8.83 M/2.3 key demo
My Own Worst Enemy NBC 4.25 M/1.8 key demo