16 November 2008

The Ex-List: At least we've got a bit closure!

To the five million or so who've watched The Ex-List and have been bummed about its cancellation, series show runner Dianne Ruggiero reveals to E!Online the man they intended Bella to end up with. Because the show has been yanked off air with merely four episodes, we never got to this part of the story.

And yup, the fortune teller was right, "the one" has been part of her life all along.

The man is her BFF, Augie.

You've suspected as much?

“My plan was to end the first season with Bella getting married. Marina (the psychic) told her that she already dated The One and that if she didn’t marry within the year she’d never marry. She never said she had to marry The One within the year.

“Soooo, my plan was to have Bella hook up with an old college ex around episode 13. In the past, he had just started dating someone when he met Bella. He fell for Bella and dumped his girlfriend, only to have his relationship with Bella last for like a day. Now she meets up with him again. They hit it off like crazy. One problem, he’s engaged. The episode ends with Bella not wanting to wreck his engagement. She’s worried that she’s letting the prophecy cloud her judgment and she doesn’t want to ruin someone else’s potential happiness. Anyway, long freakin’ story short—episode 19 he comes back. He had ended the engagement anyway and is available.

“Bella, in the meantime, has entered a new phase in her relationship with Elliott. He’s her new best friend. And she’s had a huge fight with Augie and their friendship is on the rocks. The clock is ticking. She tells College Ex about the prophecy. He says they should get married. They head to Vegas. Elliott rushes to Vegas to stop them. He’s too late. Right after they tie the knot College Ex is telling a stranger at the casino the story of how he met Bella. He mentions that they were both dating someone else. Bella is confused. She was single when she met him—we flash back to a college party—Bella and Augie enter. She sees someone she used to date and doesn’t want to appear to be at the party alone. She tells Augie that he is her boyfriend for the night.

“Basically, Bella gets married then moments later realizes that Augie is the one. That was the season one plan.

"Hope you don't think it blows."
Aww. I think it would've been perfect. Except that would throw Vivian off the picture. Vivian, who is also good friends with Bella and who is such a cool girlfriend to Augie. I wonder what the reason is for their break-up? Now that? I'd really like some answers, too, please! What's gonna happen to Vivian?