01 November 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 7

Only nineteen years old and probably the youngest of the castaways, Jace's naivety was the reason for his getting voted off the island. Thinking that he has a secret alliance with JC from the other tribe, Jace believed his plan was set, to the point of disallowing another tribemate (Marlon) to try and convince someone else to vote their way (Cris).

As predicted, Jace lost via a solid block vote by Naak. Although,surprised of the result, he says he has no ill-fillings since this is all a game.

Meanwhile, Marlon knew Jace's mistake. But he's also changed his strategy now from enabler to an asset. If this move increases his chances of rising to the totem pole, Marlon is indeed the only SurvivorPH player who knows how this game works very well.

Also, this week, the first individual immunity challenge was won by the oldest tribe member, Zita.

The immunity challenge also had one of the most memorable moments on SurvivorPH TV:

Marlon was unfortunately trapped in the cage that the host had to tell the others to help him. His body couldn't fit the small hole he dug up. I like Marlon but...FUNNIEST.MOMENT.EVER!