20 November 2008

TV Ratings [11.19.08]

Last night, I got caught up with Chuck, which actually aired two days ago...and I've kinda gotten fond of Jill, his ex-girlfriend. Why I'm bummed to learn she's actually a Fulcrum agent surprises me, when of course it's obvious. Anyway, that has nothing to do with this batch's ratings. But I just want to say --- Chuck has been improving a lot this season, characters all evolving. Kudos.

So, Tuesday night's shows...

The Mentalist delivers one of its most satisfying episode last night. I got to watch a deeper side to Patrick Jane, one I really felt pity for. That final scene when the psychic relayed to him the message from his dead family? That was poignant and moving. H really needed to cry it all out because he's been holding in a lot of grief.

I keep on watching Mentalist and saying this to myself every time --- this episode will be my last. I'm crazy for ever thinking I won't be involved in this show. But now I'm drawn to it as much as I am drawn to Life. The Mentalist is permanently on my viewing list.

House continues to be my favorite. It has been staying strong with its key demo. Last night, Foreman stepped up and took another case without House's help. So, that's how they're going to make use of Cameron and Chase!

Speaking of key demo, I haven't actually paid attention to Fringe's ratings. I wasn't aware it had a stronger niche following. Way to go, geeks...err nerds...err geniuses.

And Privileged performs way below the bar. Sadly, I think this one won't be renewed next season.

8.00 Block
NCIS CBS 17.98 M/3.5
House Fox 13.03 M/5.5
Dancing With The Stars ABC 11.81 M/2.4
The Biggest Loser NBC 7.18 M/2.9
90210 The CW 2.94 M/1.6

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars Results ABC 17.50 M/4.0
The Mentalist CBS 15.83 M/3.5
Fringe Fox 9.36 M/4.2
The Biggest Loser NBC 8.51 M/3.6
Privileged The CW 1.58 M/0.8

10.00 Block
Without A Trace CBS 11.86 M/2.6
Law & Order: SVU NBC 10.18 M/3.8
Eli Stone ABC 6.87 M/1.8