02 November 2008

This other Mindy I love...

Is now star of her own series...well, web series.

Mindy Kaling, one of the writers of The Office, has also written and starred on this web series now airing on Strike TV.

What is Strike TV?

STRIKE.TV was born out of the writers strike. In December 2007, we challenged the members of the Writers Guild - create original programs for the Internet and we will provide you with a website and ad revenue. The ad revenue profits will go to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, now since absorbed by the Actors Fund's Entertainment Assistance Program. The EAP has been offering financial relief and other services to entertainment industry professionals negatively impacted by the strike.
Watch Mindy's contribution, called House Poor:

When she isn't acting or writing for The Office or doing one of this, you can follow what Mindy's latest purchases are on her shopping site: Things I Bought That I Love.