10 November 2008

Dirty Sexy Money: Someone needs a trim

It is so hard to concentrate on Dirty Sexy Money when Nick George and his wife, Lisa, are in one scene together.

Care to guess why?

Here, I'll pull up some visuals for you...look closely.

Well, yes, it's the hair cut!

And only one of them is wearing it perfectly.

Paging Peter Krause's stylist, your client is due for a make-over.

Anyway, how far have the story come now, huh? Everyone's out to play everybody! Was surprised that even Leticia Darling could be that devious, too. With all their money in the world, it still sucks to be a Darling!

From last week's episode ----

Leticia: Good job...with that Nola woman. (Nola is the prosecutor in Leticia's murder case)
Jeremy: Thanks...I'm glad I could help out.
Leticia: What's the matter?
Jeremy: I'm in love with her mom...I mean, I'm not supposed to be...
Leticia: Oh, my...it wasn't the plan. Oh, no...it wasn't part of the plan. My poor baby...