14 November 2008

TV Round Up - Prison Break ending, American Accents, Cancellations and Beginnings

I no longer watch Prison Break, but is this the beginning of the end?

Jason Van Der Beek gets his own TV series

Showtime would like to do a TV series based on Camelot. Beautiful!

Here's an interview with The Mentalist's Simon Baker.

Fringe: What's up ahead? --- please give us some answers already! Thank god for bringing The Observer. Now let's see more of him!

Grading American Accents. Hugh Laurie always gets top marks for this. But with many new non-American playing American on TV, how are the others faring? Some of it ---
  • Simon Baker of The Mentalist gets a B
  • Damien Lewis of Life, an A-
  • Rufus Sewell of the Eleventh Hour gets a C+, the lowest grade.
Isaiah Washington, STFU! You've had your moment, get over it.

Kevin McKidd, officially a series regular Grey's Anatomy.

Mad TV is kaput.

Would you watch a show based on Anthony Keidis' childhood? Or a Ricky Gervais on Sesame Street?

Anthony Edwards returns to ER tonight. Might watch that.

Diddy on CSI Miami. ??? !!!

If Brenda Walsh dies, guess who is going to be really happy? Him.