03 November 2008

Legend of The Seeker

For a fantasy production the scale of a TV series and not a blockbuster movie, Legend of the Seeker is pretty decent. But coming from the heels of Xena: The Warrior Princess and Hercules, two shows the Seeker's creators also brought to TV, you can bet this one would be really cheesy.

Much of the story deviates from the original one, which is based on a book written by Terry Goodkind (Wizard's First Rule). If you are a big fan of his work, you will have some misgivings about the TV version.

The story is very familiar. You've got your basic reluctant hero, who isn't aware of some prophecy saying he's the one tasked to fight an evil lord for the sake of mankind. The scenes are familiar --- swordfights, arrows, soldiers, catapaults, gargoyles, damsels in long dresses riding horses, wizards, magic. It has all the right ingredients of a fantasy epic, a genre I really, really love. But then, this production is so obviously low-budgeted, it has to rely on 300-style slow-motion and not on a good fight scene choreography, for much of the awesome factor.

The lead actor, Richard, is played by an Australian import. He's the most natural actor in the bunch in my opinion and he isn't even that good.

Kahlen, the confessor (the Seeker's woman protector), is a bit stoic and well....pale.

The Wizard Zedd is no Ian McKellen's Gandalf but he personifies the character quite alright....for a TV series.

The evil character Darkhen Rahl does not look so threatening and as manipulative as, say, Ben Linus (Lost). His eyes doesn't say so. He actually reminds me of Cousin Balky (Perfect Strangers). I was half-expecting him to say, "Get out of the city! Don't be ridiculous!" :P

This show is not so good that I should rave about it, but it's not bad either. It does make my viewing list a lot more varied though... so maybe I'll check out the next episode again next week.

The Legend of the Seeker airs on NBC with 9 episodes scheduled until December 2008.