21 November 2008

TV Rundown: What is the best new show this season?

TV Fans like me are reportedly unhappy, according to the study. Agree on some points. I have a better relationship with TV characters than I do with real people. Pathetic, but insanely true.

An interview with Grey's Dr. Owen Hunt.

The best new show of the season is this one. Huh. I did not like this one.

Why this is the super surprise hit of the season: NCIS. I have actually not seen a single episode of this. Maybe I will do so one of these days, just to see what the fuss is about.

Interview: Filipina Liza Lapira, who appears on Dexter and a few other TV series. And yes, she was that girl on 21.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Professional Dead Guy....and I was experiencing a brain fart earlier. All this time I was thinking he was also Eli's dad on Eli Stone...different guy! My mistake. :P

You know Tina Fey has really made it when there's a Sesame Character based on her Liz Lemons character. How cute is that?

Tim Kring insults Heroes viewer and calls them a bunch of saps. Way to go. That'll get the show more viewers. :P

Three of my shows died today, but TV lives on. Here are three more shows coming next season ---