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21 November 2008

TV Ratings [11.20.08]

Well, I've come to terms with the fact that Pushing Daisies will be canceled. The numbers aren't improving at all. Last night's episode was beautiful, but I really don't think an average viewer gets it. I'll begin mourning now...

8.00 Block
Bones Fox 10.73 M/3.1
Gary Unmarried CBS 8.14 M/2.7
New Adventures Of Old Christine CBS 8.09 M/2.5
Knight Rider NBC 5.12 M/1.5
Pushing Daisies ABC 4.86 M/1.8
America’s Next Top Model The CW 4.80 M/2.3

9.00 Block
Criminal Minds CBS 16.38 M/4.3
Private Practice ABC 7.14 M/2.4
House (Repeat) Fox 5.73 M/2.2
Life NBC 5.32 M/1.7
Stylista The CW 2.16 M/1.0

10.00 Block
CSI: New-York CBS 14.00 M/3.8
Law & Order NBC 7.58 M/2.2
Dirty Sexy Money ABC 5.63 M/1.8

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