16 August 2007

We're almost there people...

I've got to kick my TV watching into high gear because the fall season is almost there and I still have filler shows to finish. The way things are going, with bed-weather and all, I sleep more often than usual. I might pretty soon abandon the filler shows for the newer episodes/shows come mid-September.

Anyhow, who wants TV spoilers? Grab them while it's hot!

Grey's Anatomy

So will Callie ever find out George was into Izzie? Ausiello says YES. And it could take place in either:

1) The first scene of the premiere
2) November Sweeps
3) Episode Three entitled "Let The Truth Sting."

Still on Callie, her new job function will cause a friction with The Nazi. That is expected, though don't you think?


Kristen Bell isn't joining, she passed. Bummer. But the show starts shooting Season 4 this month. Expect leakages.

Friday Night Lights

Lyla will find God. And find herself back with Riggins - from Isabella, BuddyTV

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