03 August 2007

National Geographic Channel's Taboo

Occasionally, my family loves watching shows from the National Geographic Channel. Admittedly though, my boys are into it a lot more than I am. The husband watches it frequently to use as reference for his photographs; he's also following Lockdown, this real life prison story Prison Break cannot compare to (of course, the latter being fiction).

My son on the other hand, simply loves all those science factoids they have on the channel. These days especially, when there are no new episodes on Nickelodeon or the Cartoon Network, I find my 9year old watching National Geographic documentaries a lot. (When I was his age, I thought documentaries were utterly boring!) Last weekend, on a Saturday afternoon, I found him watching a documentary on wild beasts having sex. It alarmed me a little because sex per se isn't a subject we've discussed with him. But I could not freak out. What was I supposed to say to him when he's watching an educational show?

Some of the shows my boys regularly watch on the NGC include:
  • Air Crash Investigations and the rest of those "investigation" specials (for the CSI in us!)
  • Megastructures (Men and their fascination for building things!)
  • National Geographic Specials (featuring different topics monthly)
  • I Didn't Know That
  • Top 5
Incidentally, National Geographic is coming up with a new show called Taboo, a program that dwells on different practices cultures keep even today. You can view some video clips here and here. From the these previews, I can say that those are exactly the kind of subjects my husband loves to cover for his work. I'm pretty sure he will look forward to this show to get some insights and ideas.

Although Taboo is yet to premiere in the NGC Asia, Western viewers, however, will be able to watch it this weekend Sunday, August 5th at 9pm ET/PT, with replay on Wednesday at 10.