23 August 2007

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Photos and a whole lot more!

Okay. I am hoping to slow down on the spoiler details. And it begins...right now.

Now that fall season premieres are nearly there, details of episodes are slowly leaking to the press and I would like to stay away from those already.

I'd still want to learn what happens to the plot and storyline, as I watch it on TV and not a moment before. So as not to completely spoil my viewing pleasure but at the same time, keep you happy, I'm gonna try and deliver photos instead and leave you to speculate on it.


Izzie with the New Interns and some sort of a .... cow?

One of the new interns, Leo.
I am so drawn to him. The guy looks smart. Let's hope his character is likeable.


Alright, just a few hints...(can't help it!!!)
The survivor thing plays out over 8 episodes. David Shore: "It's classic House sadistic behavior."

People get eliminated every week. Olivia Wilde: "we half expect Ryan Seacrest to pop out and say, 'If you like No. 13, text 13 to...'"

At one point House fires the entire back of the room, except one woman he thinks is hot.


GA Photos from Spoilerbuzz
House Photos from a House LJ community
Prison Break Photos from Just Jared
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