20 August 2007

Bonding with the in-laws

My sisters-in-law and step-daughter visited our home today. Moments like this one seldom happens now because they're all quite busy growing up. So, when they called us to say they wanna come over and hang-out with us since school is still out, I was more than excited to roll out the red carpet for them.

We were supposed to go malling in the afternoon, but because the girls were gabbing about their favorite TV shows and movies upon their arrival at lunch, we all decided to cancel the original plan and instead headed to our bedroom clutching popcorns and peanuts...And then we watched, watched and watched:
  • bits and pieces of four seasons of Australian Idol, their first time to watch such a show. One of them had to literally jot down the names of the contestants we've highlighted for them because they loved it so much, they were gonna search for more videos on Youtube when they get home.
  • a clip of Brothers & Sisters, which I told them would probably remind them of their family, their mom in particular (they agreed with me!)
  • a peek at Prison Break, which they have asked to borrow...since they just began falling in love with Wenty.
  • a two-hour movie presenting Frank Miller's 300 on DVD, which my step-daughter probably found too gory.
I think the girls had too much TV for the day and must have been feeling overloaded. Hehe! But I am quite sure, they had a great time hanging out with my husband and I.

At around 11 PM, when I got ready to retire to bed and do this blog entry, I suddenly realized ---- I was not able to kiss nor hug my 9-year old son today! Because the boy could not relate to what we were watching and was pretty much restless staying at our room with the girls (you know how 9-year old kids are; my son just came in and out of the room just too see what's up), he did his own thing today, in the opposite room.

His absence. . . of not being able to even bond with my boy today suddenly overcomes me. I miss him. Tomorrow, I'll hug him real tight. First thing in the morning.