02 August 2007

The Job - Complete Series

The Job - The Complete SeriesDenis Leary's first crack at television was not as successful but it wasn't also a disappointment. The Job was unexpectedly a very entertaining series. Why it didn't last on TV is a wonder to me. It would have been in league with The Office.

Shown for two seasons in the year 2001-2002 on ABC, The Job is a comedy about New York City cops. While shows like Law and Order or NYPD Blue demonstrate cops as heroes, The Job does just the opposite. There are no big crime solving escapades to this show. Only small crimes, pranks, police officers messing around with each other and Mike McNeal (played by Dennis Leary).

Mike is that typical renegade cop who defies the captain's orders and approaches his job questionably. His personal life is also a screw up, balancing time between his wife and girlfriend, as well as all the other rubbish he gets himself into.

The rest of the police force is composed of a mix bag and quite frankly, reminds me too much of The Office characters. Interestingly, both shows pretty much carry the same brand of sharp comedy.

The Job was canceled after 19 episodes because of ratings and scheduling problems.

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