31 August 2007

Miss ya!

The hubby wants us to move. I mean, pack our belongings and start a new life in another place. He went to the south for a workshop he and his colleague were invited to conduct. He decided to stay behind for five more days, which surprised me since my husband isn't the type to do that.

Me: Are you serious?
Hubby: Yes! It's a golden opportunity...I want to tour the city some more.
Me: But you'll be all alone. In your hotel room. Do you not remember 1408?
Hubby: Ito naman kesa sa palakasin loob ko tatakutin pa ako! [Instead of making me comfortable, you had to scare me!]


Yesterday, he went about the city all by himself. From time to time I'd get text messages from him:
  • Mommy, I'm going to try and do a Lonely Planet series.
  • I got so many beautiful pictures!
  • Ang babait ng mga tao dito! [The people here are so nice]
  • Ang mura ng pagkain dito! [Food is cheap] 60 pesos for everything including dessert and drinks!
  • Sobrang busog ako. [I'm so full.]
  • Ang itim ko na!!! [My skin has turned darker!]
  • Pahingi ng load! (Hehehe...)
That night, when we talked on the phone, the first thing he blurted out was we have to move there. He has fallen in love with the city, no doubt. If there's another reason for him to stay longer, I'd think he would. He has changed his return flight to Manila three times, actually.

Interestingly enough, while he's been gone this long, I would have hoped to be spending more of my time watching TV shows. But I have barely done that. I have also barely slept because I have been doing so many other things with my "temporary" independence....things I cannot squeeze into normally. I now realize that part of why I spend too much time watching TV is because of my husband. I conclude he drove me to the addiction. :D

Me: Please don't change your flight schedule anymore. You have to go home.
Hubby: Why? Have you been missing me?
Me: Because I have been not been able to watch what I should be watching on TV.
Hubby: How is that my fault?
Me: Coz if you're here and you incessantly pester me --- which is, like, all the time --- I can tune you out by retreating to TV-watching.

Actually, that? It's just my way of saying I miss his presence. :)

Thanks to the beautiful people of Iloilo for taking care of him while he's there.