07 August 2007

Kate Walsh on Private Practice

Just something I read from E!Online...a preview of what to expect from Private Practice, through Kate Walsh:

"There's going to be some drama and some funny for sure, but I think instead of more surgery focus like Grey's, this is a group of doctors. They're not interns or struggling to compete in the surgical world and get their specialties and residencies and all of that. These are people who are successful in their professions. They've chosen their careers. They've chosen to become part of a private co-op of doctors in this old-fashioned way of medicine, doing house calls and really treating patients. And yet it's in Santa Monica, in California, and there's a lot of Botox and a lot of fun and funny. I think also that all of the characters are sort of at crossroads in their lives. They're all sort of starting over in some way or another, so that'll be a lot of interesting, fun stuff to do."