02 August 2007

True Colors

One month inside USA's Big Brother House, and the house guests are already showing their true colors:

Dick, who prides himself with telling things as it is, is becoming rude and obnoxious. In our own (Pinoy) Big Brother version, Dick is playing the "magpakatotoo" card the way Wendy did, offending a lot of the folks inside the house, each time he opens his mouth. It seems he fought with most of the women already.

Dustin is one greedy biatch. He took $5,000 and also won a trip to Barbados in the Veto competition, without realizing that this will throw off his game completely. With this move by Dustin, he becomes a potential target next nomination round.

Amber is disappointed in Dustin and cried about it. Amber cries on every episode. Amber cries a looooooot. She even cried when Jameka said she loves the Lord. (Loving the Lord is not funny. Crying about someone who casually says she loves the Lord, is!).

Apparently, Jameka is in alliance with a gangster. And his name is God. Jameka says God is a gangster. (I did not get what she meant by that!). She says she will save Jen from the nomination block since it was her name Jen picked to play for her in the Veto Competition. She takes that as a sign from God.

Jen is playing the "dumb chick" card. And it's clear to viewers now, that she is not. Her best friend was interviewed in the show. Best friend says, Jen is a straight A student with a double major in college. Whoa. Dick is constantly ticked off by her. I on the other hand, am more inclined to root for her now because she keeps the house really interesting.

After one month, there is still no one in the house who suspects Eric is in cahoots with the American viewers. He's pretty good as masking this strategy. America is loving him I think, because he almost always completes the task they let him do.

Jessica hasn't rub people the wrong way yet. She's playing a different strategy by "going with the flow". Plenty of people have surfed through winning a reality tv contest by doing exactly this. She and Eric are getting tight.

No one is liking Zack in the house. Because he's "hard to live with" they all say.

Not profiled: Nick, Daniele and Kail. Meh.