06 August 2007

Big Brother 8 - Pour me some Iced Tea....

...Just not over my head, please.

Previously in the Big Brother house:

Daniele confronts my favorite, Jen. Jen defends herself. Daniele gets loud. Nick and Dick hears them from outside, in the garden. Nick comes in and curses Jen. Dick comes in, watches as his daughter and Jen argue. Dick walks over to Jen...and POURS HALF A GLASS OF ICED TEA ON JEN's HEAD!!!

Jen just takes it all, calmly...

This happened over the weekend. Apparently after that, the house gets shaken even more. America's Player, Eric, becomes the target for eviction, mostly because a banner suspiciously flies over the house with some incriminating words on it; Dick and Jen are supposedly in alliance already (what the frack?), while Amber......she's still crying. Crying. Crying. Crying.