09 August 2007

Kristen Bell for Lost, Lexie Grey for Alex, Mandy for Ted

Disclaimer: I am not an official source, just passing on what I read from all over the net.

  • TV Guide's Ausiello is putting it out there --- Kristen Bell might join the Losties as Charlotte, this new character described as a smart, funny, 20-something academic. I do need to catch up on Veronica Mars Season 3 but if she joins the cast, I'll love Lost a tons more.
Grey's Anatomy
  • Producers are back-pedalling. The half-sister does not get McDreamy. Instead, Lexie Grey may be paired with Alex who shall also be reunited with Ava/Becca from last season. Thank goodness for that because I already want to spare Meredith any heartaches or agony. The girl's got enough emotional baggage to deal with!
How I Met Your Mother
  • Mandy Moore is Ted's new date. Enrique Iglesias is Robin's new boyfriend. Awesome!

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