30 August 2007

Australian Idol - Group 3 (Boys) & Results of Group 2 & 3

Previously on Australian Idol...

Tarasai, the girl with the power voice who also looks like the lady judge; and Lana, cute, sweet and so High-School-Musical-ish, both make it to Top 12.

What they sang:
Tarasai Vuche — "River Deep, Mountain High" (Tina Turner)
Lana Krost — "Big Girls Don't Cry" (Fergie)
Review the girl's performances

It's down to Round 3...Again this is a bit late because the results have already been casted. I haven't been able to watch this installment in its entirety but I think the feedback has been better than the first group of boys.

Here's a peek:

Song List:
Mark Da Costa — "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin)
Ben McKenzie — "Mad World" (Gary Jules's version of the Tears for Fears original)
Jack Byrnes — "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (U2)
Dave Andrews — "That's Freedom" (John Farnham)
Lyall Adonis — "Desperado" (Eagles)
Marty Simpson — "Over My Head" (The Fray)

Don't you just love their song choices? From the first group to this group, it has been very diversified. That's what I love about this Idol.

Who made it from this batch? These two, mainly because of the "youth" vote or something:

Group 4 & the Wildcard round up next!