30 August 2007

Australian Idol - Group 4 (Girls)

The second group of girls to compete for the 7th and 8th spot of Australian Idol's Top 12 performed last night. I don't remember a couple of them. They didn't have much airtime during the audition rounds.

Worth a look is Brianna Carpenter's number. Every year, Australian Idol brings in someone quirky, someone not necessarily fitting the "pop" mold an Idol winner is normally packaged as. And that's another reason why I love this one better than the American version...they embrace all kinds of music/talents.

Also worth mentioning is Rosie Robbins, who have done the whole Idol scene two or three years before, having won Top 6 in UK Idol. But I think she didn't do well with her song last night. In fact, Rosie oversang it.

Anyway, the video:

Song List:
Sarah Lloyde — "And I Am Telling You" (Jennifer Holliday)
Morgan Hosking — "You Learn" (Alanis Morissette)
Holly Weinert — "Easy" (The Commodores)
Madison Pritchett — "When You're Gone" (Avril Lavigne)
Brianna Carpenter — "Fidelity" (Regina Spektor)
Rosie Ribbons — "Everybody Hurts" (R.E.M.)

Results for this batch is tomorrow. And we're also going to find out who among the rejects will be given the second chance and compete during the Wildcard Round this Sunday evening.

Update...I was mistaken with the time (or day) the result is known. It happened just a few hours ago. Brianna and Holly are officially in the Top 12.