27 August 2007

Australian Idol - Group 1 (Boys)

Weak...that's the best way (worst way?) to describe Australian Idol's first group who performed last night. I have no idea what's going on, Australia. These boys were the favorites in the audition and I actually thought they bunched up the best ones in the first group. I'm totally wrong about that now.

The performances went from "meh" to "ho-hum".... so mediocre. And that's not the way Australian Idol is. It left me with very little good impressions.

But I give all of them plus points for image and presentation. The boys each had a specific look and style that sets them apart from each other. But they aren't judge for that, are they?

Give me something to clap about, a performance that will knock me off my feet!

Song List:
Matt Corby — "I Wish" (Stevie Wonder)
Junior Tu'o — "Dear Mr President" (Pink)
Carl Riseley — "Home" (Michael BublĂ©)
Daniel Mifsud — "Tip Of My Tongue" (Diesel)
Husny Thalib — "If You Can't Say No" (Lenny Kravitz)
Jacob Butler — "Chasing Cars" (Snow Patrol)

Accessory of Choice: the scarf (understandably since it's winter in Aus. It's that or their grannies are in the audience...)